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What Makes Testunity Automation Framework Unique

Json Reader

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JSON Reader

The TestUnity Automation Framework includes a component called the JSON Reader. This component allows developers to easily read and parse JSON data within their test scripts. This feature is a valuable tool for automation testers, providing a convenient and efficient way to manage and process JSON data within the TestUnity framework.

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Excel/CSV Reader

The TestUnity Automation Framework features a built in Excel/CSV Reader, allowing for the efficient and effective reading of data stored in Excel or CSV files. This tool simplifies the process of accessing and utilising data within these types of files, streamlining automation testing and enabling the use of large amounts of data without the need for manual input.

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Inbuilt Browser Drivers Configuration

It features an Inbuilt Browser Drivers Configuration that eliminates the need for users to manually configure browser drivers each time they run their tests. This convenient feature allows users to focus on writing and executing tests, rather than worrying about setting up the appropriate browser driver. The Inbuilt Browser Drivers Configuration is a key advantage of the TestUnity Automation Framework and a major reason for its popularity among users who are looking for a reliable and user friendly automation solution.

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Log4j Logger

It includes a Log4j Logger feature that provides users with detailed logging information about their automated tests. This feature allows users to track and monitor the progress and outcome of their tests, and to identify any potential issues or problems. The Log4j Logger is a powerful tool that is integrated into the TestUnity Automation Framework, making it easier for users to monitor and manage their automated tests.

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Random Data Generator

It is equipped with a useful feature called the Random Data Generator. This feature allows for the generation of randomised data within the framework, making it easier and more efficient to test various scenarios and edge cases. The Random Data Generator is a valuable tool for any tester or developer using the TestUnity Automation Framework.

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Dynamic Element Waits

It includes a dynamic element wait feature, which enables the framework to dynamically wait for page elements to load before performing any action. This feature ensures that the tests are not impacted by slow page loads or changes in the page structure, providing a higher level of reliability and stability to the tests. Dynamic element waits also help in making the tests more efficient by reducing the time required to wait for an element to load.

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Features Of Our Automation Framework

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    Screenshot Capture

    It includes a feature to capture screenshots of failures and steps in the testing process.

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    Generics Common Methods For The Web Automation

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    Extent Report

    TestUnity Automation Framework creates Extent Reports, displaying detailed results of testing. processes, including test case execution and failures.

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    Email Reporting (CI Results)

    TestUnity Automation Framework features an Email Reporting option for quick and convenient delivery of CI results via email notifications. This helps keep team members informed and enables prompt resolution of testing issues.

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    Selenium Grid

    It leverages Selenium Grid to provide a distributed testing environment for automating web applications. This allows for parallel execution of test cases, reducing the overall time required to complete the testing process.

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    Video Recording

    It can record videos of the testing process, providing visual aids for debugging and analysis. This feature helps to track and diagnose any issues that may occur during testing and can be used to improve the overall quality and accuracy of the tests.

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    Easy CICD Configurations

    It is designed with easy Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CICD)configurations in mind.This helps to streamline the testing process and ensures that tests are executed automatically as part of the software development cycle. The easy CICD configurations reduce the time and effort required to set up and maintain the testing process and make it easier for developers and stakeholders to collaborate and stay informed.

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    Properties Configurations

    It offers a Properties Configuration feature that enables users to customise the behaviour and settings of their automated tests. This feature allows users to define specific properties or parameters that can be adjusted according to their testing requirements. Overall, the Properties Configuration feature is a key component of the TestUnity Automation Framework that contributes to its success and popularity among users.

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    Test Retry Configurations

    It includes a Test Retry Configuration feature that allows users to automatically retry failed tests. This feature is articularly useful in situations where tests may fail due to temporary issues such as network glitches or system errors. The feature provides users with the flexibility to specify the number of retry attempts and the interval between retries. This makes it easier for users to optimise the retry behaviour according to their needs and requirements.

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    Cross Browser Configurations

    It offers cross browser configuration capabilities, enabling users to test their applications on multiple browsers and platforms. This feature supports popular services such as Browserstack and LambdaTest, making it easy for users to run their tests on a wide range of environments. The cross browser configuration feature is a crucial aspect of the TestUnity Automation Framework, allowing users to thoroughly test their applications and detect any potential issues.

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