Security Testing of NFT Platform
  • Name NgageN Platform
  • Industry Information Technology
  • Location Bangalore, India
  • Tool Used Burpsuite, Kali Linux, Nessus, Nmap/Zenmap
  • Project Members 1 Security Researcher and 1 Senior Security Consultant
  • Project Length 112 hours


NgageN is an exclusive platform enabling NFT economies between Brands & Creators. Created by
one of the leading Blockchain companies in India, NgageN is an invitation-only platform for credible
Brands & Creators to drive new forms of fan engagement, sources of revenue & community building
by creating NFTs which provide exclusive digital assets as well as experiences.

In this case, the problem was that client has never reached for any security testing and they were unaware of the outcomes and results of this test as very little time was left to go live.

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