Testunity SaaS platfrom is a technology platform to deliver world class testing services.

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We are capable of providing all types of software testing services.

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We are strong community of highly skilled and talented QAs & Testers.

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Testing Services On Demand.

On Demand testing comes into action when there is an unexpected project or sudden change in delivery

Software Testing Services

Crowdsourced Way Of Testing.

Exploiting the power of crowd to harness faster service delivery and real user simulation Crowd Test

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We test almost all different kind of apps, IoT devices & services. We have strong capbilities to test different types of apps which need different skills.We have testing experts of all these different kind of apps and we are equally good at them.

Our story started with handful of QAs in our platform and we were performing Ad-hoc testing for Android apps only but as each day passed, we grew leaps and bounds. Today we are much more matured and experienced software testing provider with 1500+ skilled and talented QAs on our platform. We have more than 250+ unique test devices with our tester base which empower us to support almost all platforms present in software world today. We are on top in the list of the most innovative mobile application testing companies. We make use of most latest and best Android testing tools and IOS app testing tools available in market to deliver the best. We are one of the few to combine crowd sourced approach and on- demand way of software testing deliveries which gives amazing results. Combination of crowd sourced and dedicated onsite way of delivery makes us incredibly fast and most reliable. With multiple level of reviews by experts around the world helps us to deliver the quality results. Our global resource structure helps us to be most updated on new innovations in testing world. We immediately implement the new ideas in our processes to improve customer as well as tester experience with us. We have delivered more than 200+ testing projects in very short span of time. Having experience of serving different clients across the globe always helps us to learn and grow in terms of our capabilties. A good number of happy customers and 95% of retention rate makes us proud and we can confidently call ourselves among one of the top software testing companies in our domain.

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Our Work Tells our ability

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Our Work Tells our ability

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Frequently asked question

  • Who you are?
  • We at Testunity(www.testunity.com) provide on-demand & crowdsourced testing services for Android Apps/IOS Apps/Web Apps/IoT Device s/Databases & Web Services. We are having pool of 1600+ experienced testers & 250 unique devices

  • What you offer?
  • We provide below types of testing services :-

    a) Functional Testing (End-to-End) – In this testing type, testcases are developed, executed and bugs are reported using standard bug reporting tool.
    b) Automation Testing – Based on testcases, test scripts are developed using automation tools like Appium, Selenium etc. to support regression testing for future releases.
    c) Compatibility Testing – iOS/Android apps and Websites are run on multiple devices/browsers to check their functionalities and behaviour. This testing makes sure that app/website behaviour is same across all platforms. All the testing is done on real devices by professional QAs. More than 20 testers are involved in this testing
    d) Exploratory Testing – Exploratory testing is about exploring, finding out about the app/website, what it does, what it doesn’t do, what works and what doesn’t work. More than 20 testers are involved in this testing. Testing process takes very short span of time with all functionalities covered and finally bug summary is reported.
    e) Load Testing – To check the behaviour of App/Website in Load conditions. Load testing is done using tools like JMeter which artificially creates load on App/Website to check its’ behaviour.
    f) Database Testing – Database testing mainly deals with all the testable items that are generally hidden from the user for viewership. These include internal process and storage like Assembly, DBMS like Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL etc. This type of testing involves validating the schema, database tables, columns, keys and indexes, stored procedures, triggers, database server validations and validating data duplication.
    g) Usability Testing – Usability Testing is a testing process where testing is done to check the ease with which app/website can be used. It measures the user-friendliness of the app/website. Usability testing also reveals whether users feel comfortable with the app/website according to different parameters – the flow, navigation and layout, speed and content – especially in comparison to prior or similar applications. More than 20 testers are involved in this testing. And more… Please check Services page in our website www.testunity.com

  • What is your approach to test a project that is NOT well documented?
  • In case project is not well documented, we take below approaches:-

    i) If App/website is ready then we ask for demo and based on the understanding of demo, testcases are developed. Continuous feedback is taken from client to make sure that testing process is following right path.
    ii) If App/Website is still in initial stage of development then we ask for any basic flow documents. Again in this case, client interaction is very important.

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