Usability Testing

Usability Testing is a testing process where testing is done to check the ease with which application can be used. It measures the user-friendliness of the product or application. Usability testing also reveals whether users feel comfortable with the application or Web site according to different parameters – the flow, navigation and layout, speed and content – especially in comparison to prior or similar applications.


A problem discovery usability test is the most common type of usability study. The goal is to uncover (and fix) as many usability problems as possible. When you have a crowd of experienced testers (participants) attempt to perform realistic tasks with application, most common issues can be uncovered in no time.

Setting benchmark always helps to ensure whether the new idea or solution to fix things have worked or not. Thumb rule is that assessment of any new change in design or content should be done as per benchmark. Benchmark studies always requires a large set of samples with tighter confidence intervals.

A testing where testers perform few basic tests on your product, on the already set benchmarks and even on the competitor’s product. For more in-depth analysis, another set of testers could perform the same tasks on similar products. This helps to identify the strong and weak points of current designs and content.

This is basically audience measurement where analysis is done on where people look on your website, what is the order of things they went through and how do they navigate in your website.

This type of analysis is bit expensive and still reliability of web cameras is under question. This could be best done with set of participants testing in controlled environment where tracking of these things could be made easier.

A testing process which is based on the ease of learning new product. Development of product is done as per the design chosen by you but use of this product needs basic understanding of product. Sometimes, it’s mildly intuitive and based on experience of similar products. Sometimes, use of product needs to be taught. Analysis of this test is bit tricky as every new user of product will have different traits like level of knowledge and understanding.