Usability Testing

Provide a great user experience to your customers by discovering UX problems by employing our Efficient Usability Testing Services.

How do we perform Usability Testing

Analyze the product and its audience 1

Analyze and understand the product and the targeted audience.

Create a test plan2

Create a test plan that explains test design and determines how testing needs to be done.

Design test scenario 3

Design test scenarios that are appropriate according to the given functionality.

Execute test cases 4

Execute test cases to verify a particular feature or functionality of your software application.

Report results 5

Detect bugs and create a report to identify similar bugs in the future so they can be avoided.

Make the most of TestUnity’s software testing services to provide an impeccable experience to your users 

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Why Choose Us for Usability Testing Services?

  • We deliver extensive usability testing solutions that involve software’s usability requirements evaluation from a user’s point of view and direct involvement of real and intended users to test the product.
  • Get defined, unique and productive approaches and procedures that focus on the user interface (UI) & user experience (UX).
  • Our team imparts testing services in real-world conditions and environments to record, study and analyze the real-time behavior, expression, and experience of the users.
  • We perform usability tests for mobile apps & websites using the latest and useful usability testing tools such as CrazyEgg, Optimizely, ClickTale, Usabilla, Keynote, UserZoom, etc.
  • Get efficient & effective services with around-the-clock support & maintenance.

Our Case Studies

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Automation Testing

Automation Testing of Web-Based E-Claim Application

DHS Arabia is a Saudi-based Information Technology provider in thehealthcare sector. MTS Cloud application is the most successful product of DHS Arabiaand they hold more than 50% market shares in Saudi. The application is running for the last12 years and they are delivering all the requirements on time. The major pain for them asthey have […]

Questions we get asked regarding Usability Testing

  • Usability testing (UX testing) is a method of software testing where we evaluate a software product with UX experts and representative users. During this type of testing, the participants try to complete tasks while observes watch, listen, and take notes. The goal of UX testing is to identify usability issues and improve user experience.

  • We use two methods to perform UX testing: expert-level testing and user-level testing. During expert level testing, a UX expert is performing the analysis of the user interface using heuristic methods. They identify issues that don't meet general user experience standards. To perform user-level testing we employ the representative of your target audience and make them use your product giving their feedback. We write the results of usability testing in a special report which specifies what problems we identified during testing and our recommendations on how to fix them.

  • UX experts and real users. 

  • Typical examples include:

    - Too small font sizes

    - Ambiguous link descriptions

    - Dead links

    - Complex navigation

    - No way to search

    - Long registration forms

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