The textile industry is making headway with technological advancements for harmonizing operations and fastening the process of work at every stage. The use of mobile apps designed for specific purposes is helping the textile industry in achieving its goal.

Until now mobile apps were being used mostly in retail stores and for developing M-commerce. Smartphone users are growing significantly and so is the usage of mobile applications. When processes could be simplified with smart applications, mobile phones are not just a device for communicating but for performing various activities.

In the textile industry,mobile apps are removing barriers of physical location and helping to obtain quick responses for products and samples from buyer’s as well as designer’s end. Some of the apps have become essentially a warehouse management system which synchronizes with ERP and CRM  of a company offering seamless business functions. Where other industries may just lose customers over a faulty mobile app. The textile industry stands to lose real money and customers if the customer experience isn’t good enough.

If you’re developing a mobile app for your textile business don’t let roadblocks and difficulties stand in the way of the experience which delights your customers, drives your business and keep your shoppers coming back again and again.

We work across various sections of the textile industry which includes:

  • Functionality and Usability testing
  • M- Commerce
  • Point of sale (POS)
  • Merchandise
  • Inventory management
  • Order management testing
  • End-to-end workflow testing
  • Payment engine integration testing