Today, technology is the enabler for Healthcare sector for providing quality care, operating under stricter regulatory requirements, achieving operational efficiencies and controlling rising healthcare costs. Digital transformation has helped healthcare organizations in creating enhanced patient experience leading to improved outcomes. Traditional approaches have been replaced with new technologies such as Cloud, Mobility,Analytics, IoT / Wearables.

Testing applications, particularly the healthcare applications requires much effort and expertise for meeting the requirements of the clients and regulatory compliance.  At Testunity, we offer cohesive Healthcare Testing solutions with enhanced IT integration with the help of our extensive domain expertise and far-reaching technological know-how. With the help of our healthcare domain experts, we ensure that we keep ourselves up-to-date with all the changes in the regulations and policies with respect to Data collection & reporting specs, Health Information Exchange, Personal health records etc.

At Testunity, we are proficient at developing testing solutions for healthcare establishments and providers which provide patient-centric care, quality together with improved efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Our solutions help to revolutionize the healthcare industry and have empowered smooth communication between the health care providers, patients, and payers while minimizing redundancy and errors.

Why Us

  • Extensive experience in offering healthcare testing services
  • Provide extensive process improvement documentation including reports and templates
  • Easy and Affordable Advisory
  • Ensuring functional consistency across product enhancement, version upgrade,  and compliance changes
  • Controlling & Managing PHI Records for complete, current and consistent information
  • Helping Patients & Providers for collaborating more meaningfully at every Point of Care
  • Have a dedicated team of in-house healthcare domain specialists
  • Ensuring Healthcare Data Privacy Laws & Regulations duly adhere