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Tools We Use For Testing

How do we perform Automation Testing

Analysis and Tool Selection1

Analyze and understand the requirements in detail. Then pick the tools which are appropriate for the testing.

Framework analysis 2

Analyze the framework to provide a structured development methodology.

Test Data Creation3

Create Test Data before we begin test execution as test data is used to verify the functions produce expected results for given inputs.

Test Script Development and Execution4

Test Scripts are developed containing the information about the system transactions that should be executed to validate the application or system below test.

Result Analysis5

Review the individual test results to understand why any failed tests have failed.

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Why Choose Us for Automation Testing Services?

  • We understand and have worked on various test automation models empowering us to customize a solution to meet your requirements.
  • Tools and frameworks engineered to allow manual testers to carry on automation result in significant cost savings.
  • Our test engineers are trained to quickly discover serious functional defects, they know common weaknesses and potential problem areas in the functionality of different software products.
  • Specialists of our software testing company usually perform functional testing services manually, but our specialists in automation are always ready to automate repeatable tests, for regression testing, for example.

Our Case Studies

Automation Testing

Automation Testing of GDPR App

GDPR app is kind of one of the challenging app and dynamic applications. The Webapp has been divided into many different roles and each role was dependent on the other roles. One of the challenges was to maintain the tests so that each role can have proper details. Another challenge was the Dynamicity of the […]

Automation Testing

Automation Testing of Web-Based E-Claim Application

DHS Arabia is a Saudi-based Information Technology provider in thehealthcare sector. MTS Cloud application is the most successful product of DHS Arabiaand they hold more than 50% market shares in Saudi. The application is running for the last12 years and they are delivering all the requirements on time. The major pain for them asthey have […]

Questions we get asked regarding Automation Testing

  • Automated tests can cover different use cases. Highly repetitive tasks, such as log-ins, tasks that involve inputting large volumes of data, tasks that require a lot of time if done manually are examples of potential test cases that can be automated. We use automated tests to cover regression testing, performance testing (like stress and load tests), GUI testing, API testing.

  • It's best to automate the following types of tests:

    - Smoke, sanity, and regression tests that need to be run repeatedly

    - Performance tests such as stress and load tests

    - Cross-browser and cross-platform tests

    - Tests that use the same workflow but different data for each test run

    - Tests that involve inputting large volumes of data

    - Tests that take a long time to perform

  • Here are key factors you need to consider:

    - The tool supports the technology stack your application is built on.

    - The tool's licensing and support costs fit in your testing budget.

    - The tool has comprehensive tutorials and documentation for learning how to use it.

    - The tool generates good test logs for status reports, test execution analysis, and defect diagnosis.

    - Your team possesses good programming skills to be able to use the tool.

  • Most likely, you need both manual and automated testing to ensure the best test coverage. Manual testing is more time-consuming, but some test cases can only be implemented manually. Automated testing is significantly faster than a manual approach but it doesn't always make sense on small projects. Remember, test automation is only a tool in the QA engineer's hands. It's not a solution to all problems.

  • To do automated testing you need to invest some money upfront, but it can be very cost-effective long-term. If you doubt whether you need automation testing, try to identify how much manual testing is costing you. Would it be cheaper to automate? Bear in mind,however, that if you don't have a proper manual testing process, automation testing will cost you much more, because you can't set up automated tests without doing it manually first.

  • At first, you need to define the scope for automation. What do you want to automate? We recommend that you start small, moving a small part of tests from manual to automated. If this doesn't help much, please reach out to us. We can provide a better recommendation once we know your situation.

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