AI Testing

Efficiently recognize pitfalls and discover even the negligible error with constant updates to the algorithms by employing our Efficient AI Testing Services.

How do we perform AI Testing

Train AI and ML 1

Train AI and ML for building automated tests.

Organize and identify software changes 2

Organize tests and identify software changes for Rapid maintenance and test runs.

Find Bugs3

Finding out bugs and additional features in the software.

Code analysis and prioritize test cases4

Code analysis for test coverage estimation and Prioritizing test cases and working on dashboards.

Detect Software changes5

Quickly detect software changes by inspecting history logs.

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Why Choose Us for AI Testing Services?

  • Customized and Dynamic Test Approach 
  • Certified Team of Experts
  • Robotic Test Automation Frameworks
  • Model Evaluation Tools
  • Fast Quality Product Delivery

Questions we get asked regarding AI Testing

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an area of computer science that emphasizes the creation of intelligent machines that work and react like humans. The capability of a machine to imitate the intelligent human behavior.

  • Artificial Intelligence is a technique that enables machines to mimic human behavior. Whereas, Machine Learning is a subset of Artificial Intelligence. It is the science of getting computers to act by feeding them data and letting them learn a few tricks on their own, without being explicitly programmed to do so. Therefore Machine Learning is a technique used to implement Artificial Intelligence.

  • Tools we use for AI testing are as follows:

    ● Selenium

    ● WinRunner

    ● SilkTest

    ● QTP

    ● Applitools

    ● SauceLabs

    ● Testim

  • Different services offered by TestUnity in AI testing are as follows:

    ● AI-Powered Solutions Testing

    ● AI Platforms Testing

    ● ML Models Testing

    ● Analytical Models Testing

Our Case Studies

Automation Testing

Regression Testing of Contestee Platform

In English, “Contestee” refers to someone competing in a contest. Contestee is a social network that promotes global talent discovery through competitions. Using Contestee, anyone can showcase their amazing talents, skills, and attributes. Become famous by uploading your videos, collecting votes, and collecting likes! TestUnity began working on Contestee in November 2019. An Android and […]

Security Testing

Security Testing of NgageN Platform

NgageN is an exclusive platform enabling NFT economies between Brands & Creators. Created byone of the leading Blockchain companies in India, NgageN is an invitation-only platform for credibleBrands & Creators to drive new forms of fan engagement, sources of revenue & community buildingby creating NFTs which provide exclusive digital assets as well as experiences. In […]

Security Testing

Security Testing of TicketXpress Web Platform

Ticket Xpress is a new-age, mobile-first, smart & secure Digital Voucher platform to generate, distribute and authorize all kinds of value, product, and service e-vouchers for your customers in a simple, centralized & cost-effective way. The application is developed in Nodejs using App server: Nodejs, Web server: Nginx, DB.In this case, the problem was that […]

Security Testing

Security Testing of BrandIntelle and ADIntelle Web Platform

Brandintelle helps marketing teams with better planning, enabling tighter cost control, bringing greater data visibility & providing quicker insights. ADintelle is a web platform designed to help agencies simplify their operations, with powerful workflows. BrandIntelle is used by the marketing teams of the organizations whereas AdIntelle is used by the marketing agencies to track their campaigns […]

Security Testing

Security Testing of Segmind MLOps Platform

Segmind is an end-to-end MLOps platform enabling enterprises and teams to build cloud-native and portable ML pipelines. Segmind is fundamentally changing ML development by unifying multiple tools needed by Data science, ML, and DevOps teams. From idea to production, Segmind helps teams improve cycle time from weeks to hours, reduce development costs, and time to […]

Functional Testing

Functional Testing of Travel Tech Website

Travel Tech is a completely virtual and free event, which offers tourism trade professionals (tourism, destinations, travels, and hospitality) educational resources and actionable strategies that will help them move toward recovery and improve profitability more quickly. In this case, the problem was that client was not sure from where to start, how to start, what […]

Latest QA Blogs

What Can You Expect When You Switch to Automated GUI Testing

Testing your software is one of the most significant parts of the software development process. Using an automated GUI tool can help hurry up the process, but you might be wondering what you should expect from automated GUI testing. We will explain just what it is and why it is necessary to test your GUI.  […]

A Complete Guide To Monkey Testing

Monkey testing in software testing is a technique wherein the tester applies random inputs to the application to confirm its capabilities. This is a functional black-box testing process that is done when there is inadequate time to write and execute tests. Also called stochastic testing, monkey testing can be accomplished for mobile, web, and desktop […]

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