Performance Testing

Performance testing is type of testing done to determine the performance of software application to measure, validate or verify quality attributes of the system like responsiveness, speed, scalability and stability under various load conditions.

On the type of products and requirements if it’s a software or a mobile app, different testing tools are used such as software performance testing tools, mobile app performance testing tools etc. Many applications have started using cloud based performance testing which is cost-effective and provides infinite pool of resources for computing, storage and networking resources.

Here are some of the Performance testing techniques:

Load testing is a software testing technique used to examine the behavior of a system when subject to both normal and extreme expected load conditions.

Stress testing is a software testing technique used to examine availability and error handling under extremely heavy loads to ensure software does not crash due to insufficient resources. The stress testing process loads concurrent users beyond normal system levels to find the system’s weakest link.

Endurance Testing is a software testing techniqueused to determine if the application under test can sustain the continuous loads.

Endurance testing is a non-functional testing that involves examining the system if it can withstand a huge load for a longer period of time and thereby measuring the system’s reaction parameters.

Spike testing is a software testing technique used to determine the weakness of an application and check behavior of the system when there is sudden increase or decrease in the load. Spike testing is mainly done to see how the system reacts with unexpected rise and fall of the load.

Scalability testing is a software testing technique that is focused on understanding how an application scales as it is deployed on larger systems and/or more systems or as more load is applied to it. The goal is to understand at what point the application stops scaling and identify the reasons for this.

Volume testing is a software testing technique to determine the software application’s capacity to handle volume of data. The objective of subjecting a software application to volume testing is to determine the performance of the system with different volumes of data from the database.

Volume testing is done against the efficiency of the application. Huge amount of data is processed through the application in order to check the extreme limitations of the system.