Security Testing

Security testing is a type of software testing that intends to find the vulnerabilities or weakness of the software application. Security testing in software testing helps in determining flaws in information system and maintains its intended functionality. The main objective of security testing is to find the vulnerabilities of system & determine that its’ data and resources are protected from possible intruder. Different types of mobile app security testing tools are used to get best results.

Security testing allows us to identify the confidential data stays confidential or not.

Android app security testing plays a major role in today world as people tend to use these apps more often.

Penetration testing is a type of security testing process to identify security vulnerabilities in an application by evaluating the system or network with various malicious techniques. The main purpose of this testing is to protect the identified vulnerabilities & secure the important data from unknown user who do not have the access to the system like hackers. The penetration testing can be carried out after the cautious consideration, notification and planning.

Vulnerability Testing is a testing technique in which software application under test is probed and examined for entry points to determine if there is a way in.

Ethical hacking is a testing technique where system is hacked to identify vulnerabilities and fix them.

A testing technique where assessment of risk involved with the security of system under test is done and then risks are classified as High, Medium and Low based on certain factors.

Security scanning is a testing technique where whole system under test is scanned and tries to find out the network weaknesses. Weaknesses are studied in detail, analyzed and fixed.

Security Review is a review process for security standards. Whether all the standards are followed and implemented properly. These parameters are checked through gap analysis and code or design reviews.