Automation Testing of Web-Based E-Claim Application
  • Name DHS Arabia
  • Industry Information Technology
  • Location Bangalore, India
  • Tool Used Selenium, Appium, Cucumber
  • Project Members 3 members
  • Project Length 3 months


DHS Arabia is a Saudi-based Information Technology provider in the
healthcare sector. MTS Cloud application is the most successful product of DHS Arabia
and they hold more than 50% market shares in Saudi. The application is running for the last
12 years and they are delivering all the requirements on time. The major pain for them as
they have never done the quality assurance of the whole application by professional QA. So
when they came to us, their QA process and testing were not at the level where their product
is currently. They want to take a dip into their system, create the QA process, create the test
cases, and automation of the entire system.

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