The Problem

Though the core functionalities of e-commerce websites and apps are fundamentally the same, the features, interface layouts, test data, etc.are company specific. Therefore, our client XYZ Ltd. was looking for a solution which could be applied to their e-commerce website to do an end-to-end functional testing. The testing was to be conducted for 2 separate modules. The first module to be tested was from the “Customer” point of view and another one from “Different users” point of view like “Admin, Accounts” etc. The web application was a heavy one with ahost of modules for the “Admin”.


The Solutions

For testing the functionality of e-commerce web app, the product framework required to be tested across several platforms with diverse application databases and servers.

Our testing team configured the web app in different environments and executed several testing which involved test cases for complete functional testing. The entire testing process was completed within a span of 8 days employing 32 testers. We identified 139 bugs including 10 critical bugs. The web app framework was tested across platform and servers.

Our team worked in tandem with the client’s onsite team for all the communication with respect to the e-commerce website. Our testing team followed effective and efficient project management procedures and configuration management tools aptly, for delivering a fast-paced and timely release to the client. Our testing team also prioritized the testing activities as per the client requirements for ensuring high-quality product releases. We ensured that the functionality of both the modules was as per the client’s expectations.  The major challenge was managing the multiple modules in the web app for and for each of these modules to work together seamlessly for a responsive and uniform web app.

Test scripts were developed using the user manuals and applications.  Our QA’s detailed test validated the client’s web application and all of its core functions.

The Result

We performed an end-to-end functional testing of the client’s web app and resolved all the issues from the older build making it more stable. We ensured the responsiveness, stress, and stability of the application. The entire project was delivered successfully within budget and as per the schedule.