Web SaaS platform

Testunity Web App is a complete SaaS platform for execution and management of any size of testing project end to end. It is Testing delivery platform which help to deliver us testing services to our customers. It is self service tool with very simple and easy user interface. It is not just service delivery platform but also a defect tracking tool which user can use to track their defect in any development environment.  It support Agile equally good the way it support V-Model. Very smooth and simple navigation which facilitate the easy management of testing project by user. Each entity of a testing project is arranged in hierarchical manner wisely removing complexity which helps user to create and maintain project entities. A testing project has following entities under it, Test Cycles, Test Environments, Application Versions & Documents. It has login for both customers, testers/QA and test lead. Here are the list of features for each of the login.

Client Login

  • Create and maintain the following as listed below.
    1. Project
    2. Application Versions/Builds
    3. Test Cycles
    4. Test Environments
    5. Folders
  • Upload APK file/Provide URL of app
  • Start/Stop Test Cycle
  • Start/Stop App Versions
  • Dashboard to view highlights of Projects
  • Preview Defects
  • Detail view of Defects
  • Change the development status of Defects
  • Upload any kind of document – FRS/BRD or any file.
  • Upload release notes with App versions.
  • Export defects to desired files.
  • View various Reports
  • Change/Chose Plans
  • Track Payment History
  • Post/Update comments on defects
  • Update personal details.
  • Making payment Online.

Testers Login

  • View Open/Active apps under test
  • Add apps to their list of apps
  • Report/Update Defects
  • View/Add Test Devices
  • Comment on Defects
  • Upload files on Defects
  • Dashboard for highlights of earning and project participated
  • View, edit, update their profile, education, experience, domain, add certificates details
  • Update their bank details for payment
  • View History of each app/test cycle participated
  • View track Payment received details.

Test Lead

A test lead can do everything that a tester do. In addition to that, they can review the defect, mark it valid/invalid and also can track all the defects reviewed by them. The test lead can also change the Priority & Severity of the defect entered by the tester as per the appropriate impact of the defect on the application under test.