Travel & Transportation

Can you imagine that even the travel and transport industry is enjoying the benefits of software and technology innovation? There are countless factors that work behind the successful operation of the transport sector. Issues like domestic and international legislation, assurance of high standards of safety, logistics, and effectiveness, all together determine the functioning of transport systems.

Few things are as intricate as ensuring your mobile app or connected device works flawlessly when a traveler walks into an airport in Dubai, or checks into a hotel in Dallas. Travel apps encounter challenges which most of the industries can’t imagine.

At Testunity, we associate with travel companies for leveraging digital technologies and achieving customer promotion, improving operational efficiency and boosting their revenue generation. Testunity provides testing services to the travel and transport industry by covering every necessary aspect of the clients’ requirements. This includes testing, advisory, certification and inspection of quality assurance services.

In the Travel & Hospitality domain, customer service means everything. We allow business in this industry to be customer-centric by offering innovative solutions. Our app testing services ensure that their apps stay agile, and assist the apps to be more responsive to customer requirement and stay ahead in the market.

Our testing solutions help travel companies – airlines,hotels, rentals,tour operators, etc., improve their apps for boosting revenue, gaining enhanced efficiencies in offering customized, world-class experience to their clientele and modernize their business processes to minimize costs and enhance agility. Our mobile app testing services help companies leverage modern technologies for addressing their current needs.

We offer a range of solutions in the following segments of Travel & Transport Industry which includes:

  • Ticketing & reservations
  • Loyalty & rewards systems
  • Unified functionality globally
  • Precise GPS readings
  • Intuitive and simple usability for travelers
  • Better localization making sense to native users
  • Safe and secure authentication for tickets and reservations
  • Timely push notifications