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How We Do Test Advisory Testing

Health checkups1

Comprehensive health check-ups for the company’s existing QA processes.

Analysis of current software test methods2

Detailed analysis of how your software test method piles up upon the industry best methods.

Introduction to industry standards3

Introduce you to necessary industry and regulatory standards and Help you know how your competitors work.

Recommend software testing methods4

Give recommendations for improving your software testing capabilities and quality processes.

Support building software testing lab5

Support to build an advanced software testing laboratory.

Make the most of TestUnity’s software testing services to provide an impeccable experience to your users 

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Why Choose Us For Test Advisory Testing Services?

  • We help our clients set a target operating model simultaneously with an implementation roadmap, recognizing “quick wins” and those goals which may need a little longer
  • We help you to determine your improvement objectives and the associated organizational transformation management activities
  • We help our customers to design a test service management function implemented with a monitoring and control framework to assure that it works!

Our Case Studies

Security Testing

Security Testing of NgageN Platform

NgageN is an exclusive platform enabling NFT economies between Brands & Creators. Created byone of the leading Blockchain companies in India, NgageN is an invitation-only platform for credibleBrands & Creators to drive new forms of fan engagement, sources of revenue & community buildingby creating NFTs which provide exclusive digital assets as well as experiences. In […]

Security Testing

Security Testing of TicketXpress Web Platform

Ticket Xpress is a new-age, mobile-first, smart & secure Digital Voucher platform to generate, distribute and authorize all kinds of value, product, and service e-vouchers for your customers in a simple, centralized & cost-effective way. The application is developed in Nodejs using App server: Nodejs, Web server: Nginx, DB.In this case, the problem was that […]

Security Testing

Security Testing of BrandIntelle and ADIntelle Web Platform

Brandintelle helps marketing teams with better planning, enabling tighter cost control, bringing greater data visibility & providing quicker insights. ADintelle is a web platform designed to help agencies simplify their operations, with powerful workflows. BrandIntelle is used by the marketing teams of the organizations whereas AdIntelle is used by the marketing agencies to track their campaigns […]

Security Testing

Security Testing of Segmind MLOps Platform

Segmind is an end-to-end MLOps platform enabling enterprises and teams to build cloud-native and portable ML pipelines. Segmind is fundamentally changing ML development by unifying multiple tools needed by Data science, ML, and DevOps teams. From idea to production, Segmind helps teams improve cycle time from weeks to hours, reduce development costs, and time to […]

Functional Testing

Functional Testing of Travel Tech Website

Travel Tech is a completely virtual and free event, which offers tourism trade professionals (tourism, destinations, travels, and hospitality) educational resources and actionable strategies that will help them move toward recovery and improve profitability more quickly. In this case, the problem was that client was not sure from where to start, how to start, what […]

Crowd Testing

Crowd Testing of FIFO LIFE Mobile App

‘FIFO Life’ is a multi-functional mobile app for the Fly-In, Fly Out (FIFO) industry in Australia. Mixing social networking, roster management, family and mental health management, live forums, live chat, and friend searches, ‘FIFO Life’ aims to remove the feeling of isolation that many FIFO workers feel in their day-to-day working lives. The client was […]

Questions we get asked regarding Test Advisory

  • What is a test advisory?

    Test Advisory assesses testing processes, enterprises & tools against best practices, identifies gaps in their ability to support business growth, identifies improvement areas, and comes up with recommendations for the enterprise-wide testing processes. We help you develop a roadmap of initiatives that will help align QA strategy with the enterprise goals.

Latest QA Blogs

7 Tips for Developing the Ultimate Test Automation Strategy

Your test automation strategy is the basis of your final product. The difference between providing your app’s potential effect on the market, or having to watch it fail comes down to the severities of your QA process. A test automation strategy is your ideal plan for implementing that process. Your QA automation roadmap requires to […]

Salesforce Test Automation: What Every Engineer Should Know

Salesforce is a top software company and one of organizations’ most common cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) systems. The platform offers multiple integrations and customization possibilities. You can employ it to design an ideal solution to help you expand your business. Although Salesforce’s flexibility is one of its key benefits, performing continuous testing, which is […]

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