Retail & Consumer

Immense scope in the retail sector has emerged with the concept of the e-commerce platform. And, along with opportunities, there always accompanies challenges and threats. The changes in the market trends and the consumer drift have to make the retail and consumer industry highly dynamic. When we are talking about challenges, speaking about supply chain management and brand competition would be apter.

To deal with these issues, software companies have developed an array of dynamic retail applications. These applications greatly influence customer support, market position, continuity, and growth. The perfect chemistry between the retail domains like e-commerce, supply chain management, Inventory management etc. is crucial for seamless functioning.

Testunity has several years of experience and extensive exposure to retail software solutions testing. We have some top-notch experts who cater to the skill requirements in retail apps testing. Our suite of solutions includes retail software testing retail and consumer sector operations. These include:

  • Testing of integrated solutions with third party applications
  • Testing of the security and performance of e-commerce businesses
  • Testing of supply chain management tools
  • Easy access and efficiency of customer support features
  • Inventory management and merchandise management solutions
  • Management of the complete master database
  • Management of stock warehouse
  • Business Intelligence
  • And a lot more!