Media & Telecomunication

As the media and telecommunications industry is continuously evolving and connecting the service providers, consumers, and network vendors. It is necessary for the software app developers to achieve more viable benefits by associating with a trustworthy testing and certification services provider company or laboratory that possesses the expertise, skills and worldwide network of experts to help them.

For example, a mobile service provider has to update its software. Therefore, the service app developers do require necessary tools to be updated with latest trends in IT technology. No matter whether you are building a software for the next-gen 5G network, offering any enterprise client-server architecture or releasing a new mobile game application, our software testing solutions provide you with comprehensive services to launch your product in the market with good competence qualities.

Our renowned expertise and best-in-class solutions will help your product and service ready to meet the competitive edge of the market and perform beyond customers’ expectations. We offer a wide array of testing services. Our services include:

  • Assistance in marketing speed
  • Achieving enhanced efficiencies
  • Reduction in risk without affecting your brand name and reputation
  • Enable complying with domestic and global regulation and standards
  • Convert your product and services into prospective business

With Testunity’s becoming your trusted testing services provider, you will see new heights of success. We inspect, test, and certify every communications equipment and functions as expected.

The telecom services we offer help you in:

  • Cross platform knowledge
  • Sustained collaboration with key service providers and network vendors.
  • Quick and instant delivery of outstanding services
  • Testing of Applications and Quality Assurance
  • Testing of Wireless or Mobile Devices
  • Testing and certification of LTE and 5G network

We offer solutions for LTE devices, mobile handsets, cloud computing, etc. Testunity will also help its clients to navigate complex regulations and standards.

To get the best in class testing and certification services that do not dent your cashflows and offer countless benefits, get in touch with us today.