Software Testing Services

Crowdsourced Way Of Testing.

Exploiting the power of crowd to harness faster service delivery and real user simulation Crowd Testing (A New Way To Test Your Software).

Testing plays an important role in Software Development life cycle. Crowdsourced testing is one of the most upcoming trends in software testing which has many benefits and its own efficiency level. It makes a complete use of Cloud platform to give effective results. The tradition and old testing methods were operated within the organisation or outsourcing it. This type of testing proves to be successful in both agile and waterfall model.

Crowdsourced testing is taken under by multiple testers from around the world. This helps your software to be tested on diverse platforms which help in getting fast, reliable and bug-free software. The crowd system brings in a different tester and multiple ways on which the software could be tested for the best results. This could intern help to discover bugs which could be left unidentified during normal testing. When an organisation lacks resource or team of tester crowdsourced testing could prove to be the best of all.

How does Crowd Testing work?

Crowdsourced testing provides a broad platform for tester all over the world. The products are been crowdsourced to community of testers from different platform. These testers generally test software for bugs and issues in software and get paid depending upon the different level of bugs. This type of testing can deliver quality products which are bug-free and without issues. The tester can access software via platform and test according to customer needs. Testing can vary over a broad range of things or just target a specific function.

Advantages of Crowd Testing

Every Software Testing methods come with its own Advantages and Disadvantages. Here are some of the advantages of crowdsourcing testing:

  • Crowd Testing makes it cost effective as payment is done on basis of valid bugs. Generally, time to test software is lesser, and this type of testing results into better productivity and cheaper cost.
  • Results obtained from crowd testing are quite unbiased and results are real bugs.
  • The community of tester is widespread which helps the software to be tested in different localisation and environment.
  • The result obtained could be fast and most accurate.
  • Crowd Testing alone could not be the real answer or best feedback option. But considering this could help the company to obtain a pure result in a cost effective and real test over software can be done.