Client App

World is going mobile and we have gone one step ahead by creating an app through which our customer can manage their testing project on the go. Our client mobile app is equally capable as our web app and our customer can almost do everything what they can do in our web app. With that said we have made our mobile app in such a way that even difficult task like managing testing projects is as easy as cake walk. These are some of the things clients can do with our mobile app.

  1. Create and maintain the following as listed below.
    • Project
    • Application Versions/Builds
    • Test Cycles
    • Test Environments
    • Folders
  2. Upload APK file/Provide URL of app
  3. Start/Stop Test Cycle
  4. Start/Stop App Versions
  5. Dashboard to view highlights of Projects
  6. Notification for Critical & Blocker Issues
  7. Preview Defects
  8. Detail view of Defects
  9. Change the development status of Defects
  10. Upload any kind of document – FRS/BRD or any file.
  11. Upload release notes with App versions.
  12. Export defects to desired files.
  13. Change/Chose Plans
  14. Track Payment History
  15. Post/Update comments on defects
  16. Update personal details.
  17. Making payment Online.