Below are the steps from start :-
Step -1 : Register as a tester (One Time)
Steps to register as a tester

a) Open “” from your browser.
b) Click on “Sign up” button on the top right corner of home page.
c) Choose option as “Tester”, a new form will be opened
d) Fill all the details and click on “CREATE MY ACCOUNT” button

Step-2 : Add your mobile device (One Time)
Steps to Add Mobile

a) Go to Google PlayStore of your Mobile Phone(Android)
b) In Apps, search for “Testunity”
c) You will find “Testunity” App, please download & install.
d) Now open the Testunity App
e) Login into App using your registered emailid and password
f) As soon as you login you will see a screen with text field and a button
g) Enter the model name of your phone and hit button “Add Device”
h) You are done.

Step-3 : Add the App to “My Apps” list
Steps to Add App to “My App” List

a) Go to our website
b) Click on login button located on top right corner of the home page.
c) Enter your registered emailid and password
d) Go to “Active Apps” menu once you are logged in. All started/running testcycles will be available.
e) Go to Action column, click on “Start testing this App” icon
f) If there is security code required then enter security code or else it will add App and testcycle under My Apps menu
g) Hit ok button and then Privacy Policy will appear
h) Hit Agree and you are done.

Step-4 : Download the actual App to be tested

a) Go to Testunity Android App installed on your phone
b) Login with registered emailid and password
c) Now once you login you will see Application name you have added
d) Select your added App and you will see option to download the App
e) Download and install the App

Step-5 : Submit Bugs

a) Go to our website “”
b) Login with registered emailid and password
c) Click on “My Apps” menu, you will get Android App name that is to be tested
d) Click on Appliction name and then from submenu, choose testcycle name, a new page will open
e) Click on “App Details” tab to get information about Application to be tested
f) Click on “Documents” tab to check release notes/ requirement documents of App
e) Now from “All Bugs” tab click on “Submit Bug” button
f) Bug Form will open
g) Fill all the information properly
h) Submit the bug
i) After submitting bug, click to “My Bugs” tab. Click on “Bug Number”, a new page will open. Just move to the bottom of that page, there is a button to attach screenshots.

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