The Client

Qdesq is a plug-and-play workspace brand which provides co-working space with no setup cost. The company is among the big players providing co-working spaces to individuals, organizations or multinationals for their business need.

The Problem

The client wanted the mobile experience to be different from a desktop browsing experience. The client was looking for functional, compatibility and usability testing to ensure a seamless user experience for their app.

The Solutions

The entire project was executed within a period of 5 days as the scope of the work was defined. Employing a blend of in-depth code reviews, interviews with the client’s developer team and static analysis tools, we identified several risks in the software.

We identified the 65 bugs including 11 critical bugs which were causing inconsistencies and shortfalls in the design and architecture with the help of 15 testers across 18 iOS devices. We provided solutions that improved the availability and reliability of the product. We identified few architecture practices which were ill-suited to the particular product and which could be simplified. Documentation was also required to be improved for helping the programmers in writing the code effectively. We also identified the key bottlenecks and fixes which could keep their product running seamlessly without spending over extra hardware.

Our functional tests were focused on testing the apps against clearly defined specifications and meeting all the end-user expectations for app functionality. We engaged the client at different stages for aligning the testing objectives against their business goals. Our testers identified the functionality by exploring the app, learning the app, and planning and executing their test plans as per their findings. We also performed the installation testing for checking that the app is installed successfully and was worked as expected after the installation.

The Result

The product was timely delivered and within their budget, and the client was fully contented with our international standard of delivery, proactive communication, effective documentation process and 24/7 support.  We conducted end to end review of the app, viz. critical design, interface and functional feedback for improving the app. Resulting from our feedback was a redesign of various areas of the user interface and the geo-location functionality. After several tests run executed, the client was able to achieve the business requirement. Improved performance of client’s app resulted in better reputation in the market and fetched a number of clients for their application.