The Problem

Our client Mera design Solutions was looking for functional and compatibility testing for their game Nara Runner for different skill sets. The client was looking for a test partner for compatibility testing and bug resolving process.


The Solutions

Game testing has become increasingly complex incorporating 3D physics, thousands of interacting and linked assets, client-server architecture and large databases. Games are typically much more complicated than the everyday use mobile apps. Games contain crowd-pleasing qualities which require precise test approaches and domain experts in various technical areas like graphics, physics, and audio. If the game is not fun, it would not receive better reviews.

We tested the client’s gaming app to ensure that the game is performing efficiently and with good FPS using all resources like CPU, GPU, memory, and power consumption. We offered the client a comprehensive report on the performance of the game over 21 unique android devices with the help of 24 testers within a time span of 10 days and discovered 95 bugs including 21 critical bugs in the gaming app.

We did a range of complete play through using a variety of styles. We broke the game into sections for focusing on our tests accordingly. We checked the design consistency throughout the game and identified the range of potential user inputs while continuously monitoring the in-game physics and object interactions.

Our through execution of internal checks ensured that every feature was working exactly as envisioned. We did the usability testing to analyze the difficulty levels (Beginner, Moderate and Experienced). Some other parameters were taken into consideration was the color used and determining the color friendliness. Apart from this, music and sound testing was also undertaken for ensuring that the background music and appropriate sound was played while performing actions in the game.

The Result

We shared our informative report with respect to the detected errors and test plan with the client. With the help of informative report and suggestions on improving the game functioning, the client was able to offer its gaming product with robust quality assurance which ensured that game had zero performance leaks.