The Problem

Today, applications are the lifeblood of any business. Like all service providers, ABC Ltd. developed an app known as Foneapp where you could check your balance with ease together with a colorful display. Since the app needs to provide its service to the country and for several telecom operators, it was imperative to provide a secure, rich and rewarding app experience to its customers. The ABC limited was looking for compatibility, localization and usability testing and needed a partner for helping them in testing their app in all the 22 telecom circles of India together with different telecom operators. Further, they wanted to have user experience as well. Accordingly, constant testing, for delivering high-quality mobile applications across several telecom circles with multiple telecom operators was essential.


The Solutions

Our team of professionals worked very closely with ABC’s development team for ensuring that all the frequently changing requirements were duly accounted for. We maintained a uniform testing framework for facilitating the communication and reporting between QA and development teams. With the experience of our 47 testers and employing 38 unique android devices, a total of 110 bugs were reported including 2 critical bugs. The entire testing process concluded with the help of 2 test cycles and took a time span of 10 days.

The Result

We helped the client in conducting an end-to-end testing of their app while focusing on all the high-risk areas. Our efficient use of testing tools and frameworks gave ABC Ltd. the confidence that their app will be compatible across 22 telecom circles together with various telecom operators for supporting a wide user base. The test cycles executed were very effective and provided good device coverage. It helped in finding high-quality bugs in a very short span of time. We helped ABC’s internal QA team in providing valuable insights from testing across all the telecom circles at the same time with several telecom operators. The app was tested thoroughly and now the company is able now able to launch it across the country. Our focus on details and agile framework helped the ABC’s developers in gaining valuable insights for improving the quality of the app. With our actionable and timely reports, ABC Ltd .is able to launch their app on time, reducing the time to market.