The Client

‘FIFO Life’ is a multi-functional mobile app for the Fly In, Fly Out (FIFO) industry in Australia. Mixing social networking, roster management, family and mental health management, live forums, live chat and friend searches, ‘FIFO Life’ aims to remove the feeling of isolation which many FIFO workers feel in their day to day working lives.


The Problem

The client was looking for full functionality testing of their app “FIFO” on Android and iOS platforms within a short span of time. So, the app framework was required to be tested across two different platforms with real devices for improving the end-user experience.

Our Approach

For both Android and iOS applications, we had a very narrow timelines. So, we followed ad-hoc testing with the aim of uncovering defects and flaws. Our testers performed the testing without any particular use case in mind but with the aim to break the system. With our intuitive and creative methodology and our extremely skilled and capable testers, we ensured that the testing performed was covering every fucntionality and effective.

We installed apk and tested it meticulously ensuring that every module was tested. It took 4 days to complete the first testcycle. Client took two weeks to fix bugs discovered in the first testcycle and came back with newer version of app. This time we took around 5-6 days for second testcycle in which we verifired the fixed bugs that were reported in the first testcycle and also reported new bugs.
The total functional testing of the app was performed within a span of around 10 days with the help of 47 testers and 2 test cycles on 38 different Android devices. We identified 110 bugs including 23 critical bugs.
We performed an end-to-end testing with extensive reporting and management. Our functionality testing involved feature validation of the entire functions of the app. We also performed user acceptance testing, ensuring that the app meets the end-user experience needs.

We performed 2 test cycles for the FIFO IOS App, in first test cycle, our testers found a host of blocker issues within the period of two hours. It was almost impossible to navigate through the app. Due to these blocker issues, client decided to redesign his application based on our recommendations and after two month did the retest of his application. This time the app was very much stable.
With our extensive iPhone app testing expertise and experience, we took off the testing process by a rapid assessment for understanding the application’s processes and functionality.  Our group of 25 testers tested the functionality based on the requirements in the test environment for verifying that all the functions were implemented correctly and as per the specifications.
We effectively verified the usability and effectiveness on 20 IOS devices and identified 40 bugs including 7 critical bugs within 3 days of time. Our testers also identified all the crash points and worked with the development team for resolving the same

The Result

Leveraging Testunity as a testing partner with extensive expertise and experience with Android and iOS App testing streamlined the FIFO app testing, and release process. Our testing also helped in ensuring excellent app reviews. We helped the client in saving time and money and releasing their app on time and within their budget. With our round-the-clock coordination and effective resource utilization, we ensured faster time-to-market of FIFO.