Deployment of the released artifact with custom scripts.
• Support for scheduled builds and for automation test execution.
• Builds snapshot and release artifacts for your application.
• Can run scripts on remote machines
• Send notifications of your test report.
• Schedule your automation at anytime.

March 29, 2018

Introduction to Jenkins

Jenkins is an open source server tool build with Java application which allows continuous integration and continuous delivery of projects. As it is a Java Application it is platform independent which does not require any specific platform. We can use Jenkins the same way whether we are on windows are on MAC are any other operating system. It is used to build and test software projects continuously and makes it easier to integrate changes made to the project.

In this tutorial, we will learn about Continuous Integration using Jenkins. There are lot of tools which can implement Continuous Integration in which Jenkins and Git is a part of them.

In this tutorial we covered the below points

• Introduction to Jenkins
• Why we use Jenkins over SVN
• Downloading and Installing Jenkins
• Configure Jenkins with Selenium
• Running selenium script from command line
• How to add Email notifications