Are you a startup app designer? If you are, then you may be on a tight budget.

Thousands of mobile apps are released on a monthly basis. Those are your competitors, all whom are vying for user attention.

With the intense competition, you need to reduce costs throughout the project. You want to spend less time on design. The same principle also applies to testing.

Success in app design is a matter of designing and releasing apps regularly. Don’t bet on being the next Instagram. That’s not how you make money from app design.

So besides a small budget, time also tight. You want to create awesome apps and release them in record time.

Regardless, you’ll be spending a lot of time testing.

You see, there’s a lot of mobile app security testing to do. Also, you must do mobile app load testing. You then need mobile app performance testing tools…

You cannot do all this alone. You need affordability, and this is where TestUnity can help you. Here, you’ll get freelance software testing on demand and for cheap!

You can get mobile automation testing tools and an mobile app testing tool. By automating, you speed up the process of testing, releasing apps sooner!

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