Performance testing is a matter of perfecting your software before release. It’s something you’ll do a lot of when creating mobile apps.

Unfortunately, performance testing is rarely easy. Testing is always done in cycles, and there’s a lot to measure to gauge performance.

You want to ensure that your app can handle high loads of data, under different conditions.

For example, you have to do mobile app load testing. You want to ensure that your app can process extreme amounts of data when it has to.

Then you need to do stress testing. Under high load conditions, you want to make sure that the app can report errors without crashing.

Then there’s spike testing. It ensures that your app can handle sudden spikes in data. After that there’s volume processing, measuring your software’s limit at handling data.

It’s a lot to do, and you’re doing it for an excellent user experience. If your app has weak performance, it’ll be annoying to use. It’ll get a bad reputation after release, going no-where financially.

To ease your testing experience, TestUnity can help you out. Out of all load testing companies, we provide mobile automation testing tools and on demand testing.

You’ll test whenever you wish, with low costs in time and money!

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