It’s all about efficiency.

With automation, you speed up the execution of some testing functions. You waste less time and get more done.

Through automation, you can test many dimensions of your app without tire. You can do functional testing, app security testing, and mobile app load testing.

You can even test many apps if you wish, which is good if you’re working on many projects.

Your organization of information also improves. Sometimes, you may find many problems that must be dealt with in tandem. You can organize notes as necessary to resolve issues sequentially.

If you’re designing an app with a team, the organization goes a long way. You can easily communicate corrections without hassle.

This is all due to the cloud software testing features of automation.

You’re also more likely to find bugs without panic. You deal with emergencies better, since on demand testing isn’t tough to execute.

Do note though that the automation is a feature of cloud software testing.

You’re still outsourcing app testing, but the automation makes it easier to process results.

It’s OK though if you have testers on your design team. You can use TestUnity’s Testers App as part of your ongoing projects. This will speed up your app releases and deliveries!

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